Neologica - RemotEye Suite v3!

Dear customer,
Finally, after 3 years of continuous work, NeoLogica is glad and proud to announce the availability of the new-generation RemotEye Suite v3!

RemotEye Suite v3 is without any doubt the most innovative and news-rich release in the history of this product. Every single software module in the Suite has been radically improved and enriched in features.

We took our 20 years of experience in the medical imaging software domain, and we put them all in the design and development of this new software version. We are really satisfied of the resultwe have achieved, and we believe that you, as a customer and user of our product, will be as well.

Here is a list of the main news:

New RemotEye Viewer v10.0.0 Viewer has become a "rich client" independent
web-based application, and the Java Web Start technology has been abandoned.

New RemotEye Lite v3.0.0 RemotEye Lite web interface has been completely
redesigned in terms of layout and in terms of look and feel. It now uses a dark theme

New Exams Portal v2.0.0 It is now possible to attach non-DICOM files to already
published exams (either via web interface or API).

For futher details and more info please contact your Sales Representative